About Me

From a young age, I had an awareness that there was more to life than the physical, materialistic world.

In 2004, Reiki opened up doorways for me to explore more about spiritual development, healing, psychospiritual and metaphysical philosophies.

My Journey of Spiritual Awakening was heightened during a trip to Egypt in 2008. Tragedy and trauma followed.

I later qualified in hypnotherapy, past life regression, Egyptian Sekhem, and metaphysical & spiritual counselling.

I have a great love and passion for Egypt, and have been deeply inspired by Ancient Egyptian Mysticism.

Having been through some extremely challenging life experiences and a journey of healing and self-discovery, I was later inspired to assist those who may be pondering what life is all about; to remind them of their true spiritual essence of simplicity and love.

Sharon Sekhem, ADCH, DPLRT, MPLTA, MSEC Facilitator, MSEC Practitioner

Metaphysical & Spiritual Guidance Counsellor

Past Life Regression Hypnotherapist

Egyptian Sekhem Practitioner

Reiki Master                                                                     


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